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     "your Lil' Angel Awaits"
     Holly & Tim Stahly
     303 south Ross Maddox roadPearcy, Arkansas 71964

                                                                                            CH SYNTIFNY JACABO ICE CAPER                   WHITE
                                                                          JACABOS WHITE TORNADO                   WHITE
                                                                                            JACABO WINTER MIST                          WHITE
                                                        OWENS HIGH DOLLAR BILL        WHITE
                                                                                            PEPE LEPEW COKER                WHITE
                                                                          ELFIE RACHEL COKER                             WHITE
                                                                                            TOY COKER                APRICOT
                                      OWENS HIGH DOLLARS MY GUY                     WHITE
                                                                                            JACABO WHITE TORNADO                  WHITE
                                                                          OWENS HIGH  DOLLAR BILL          WHITE                     
                                                                                            ELFIE RACHEL COKER                      WHITE
                                                        OWENS TINY POWDERPUFF                       WHITE
                                                                                            KINGS LUCKY                       WHITE
                                                                          OWENS TINY CREAMPUFF                     WHITE
                                                                                            LEVALLEY APRIL SUNSHINE                    WHITE
                    HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY                  SILVER
                                                                                            RED PUPPY POWER DE TUCKAWAY                     RED
                                                                          HILLCREST'S DE-BEAU-MAR                      RED
                                                                                            HILLCRESTS DUCHES               APRICOT
                                                        HENSLEY'S RED BUTTON                  RED
                                                                                            TOYLANDS COPPER MINE                    RED
                                                                          HILLCREST'S  NAOMI                              RED
                                                                                            HILLCRESTS GOLDEN CHARITY                 APRICOT
                                      OWENS SILVER FEATHER MISS                       SILVER
                                                                                            LUV-ME TINY TYKE                          SILVER
                                                                          HILLCREST'S LITTLE FLASH                            SILVER
                                                                                            BONNIE JACKSON                         SILVER
                                                        DUVALL'S HEATHER                      SILVER
                                                                                            BOYDS BO JANGLES                    WHITE
                                                                          HILLCREST'S MICHELLE                           SILVER
                                                                                            BOYDS SILVER PENNY                         SILVER
     ANGELIC ECCO STREAM O' SILVER                     SILVER
                                                                                            CH SYNTIFNY PIECE OF THE ROCK             WHITE
                                                                          CH CAMELOT AGAINST THE WIND                WHITE
                                                                                            SHIR-LEE'S SECRET LOVE                         BROWN
                                                        ROB????  PIECE OF THE ROCK                WHITE
                                                                                            CH CLARDON'S ROUST-A-BOUT                    CREAM
                                                                          AKE-S MISSIE                   WHITE
                                                                                            GEE GEE OF AKE II                      WHITE
                                      INDIAN MTN'S SILVER STRIKE                     SILVER
                                                                                            CH MONTOYA'S ON THE ROAD AGAIN            SILVER
                                                                          JAMEL'S SILVER STREAK                        SILVER
                                                                                            CH JAMEL SILVER MIST                      SILVER
                                                        BEAUS N' BELLES SILVER SHEEN               SILVER
                                                                                            CH NILSSON OF SILCRESTA                    SILVER
                                                                          GAYASNA SUGA BEAR OF DELANEY                   SILVER
                                                                                            CAYLAGNA JEWEL OF SASSAFRAS                    SILVER
                    QUICK SILVER SASSALOT                              SILVER
                                                                                            SASSY JOE STRUTTING STUFF                     SILVER
                                                                          CAL AND JOSH'S PET                           SILVER
                                                                                            GEORGE'S BUFFY III                        BLACK
                                                        HUGHES PEPI PIERRE                   BLACK
                                                                                            SIR CAVALIER GAMIN DE KING                  SILVER
                                                                          FINLEY'S GIDGET                            SILVER
                                                                                            SONJA HIDI DE KING                             SILVER
                                      CURD'S MARKETTA WHITNEY                        SILVER
                                                        SUNDANCE'S LITTLE GIGI                   BLACK