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     "your Lil' Angel Awaits"
     Holly & Tim Stahly
     303 south Ross Maddox roadPearcy, Arkansas 71964

                                                                                        OWENS HIGH DOLLARS MY GUY PP33023601 WHITE
                                                                       HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY PP39796603 SILVER
                                                                                        OWENS SILVER FEATHER MISS PC240808 SILVER
                                                      IVON ROYALE SNO DANCIN CLOWN                 WHITE
                                                                                        BOSLEY THE GREAT PC099891 SILVER
                                                                       MISS TRISS DEVA MARIE PP33910101 BLACK
                                                                                        HOLLYWOOD SNUGGLES PC113395 WHITE
                                     LANCELOTS ELMO FOR GAYLON  PP60680302   PHANTOM
                                                                                        OWENS HIGH DOLLARS MY GUY                     WHITE
                                                                       HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY                  SILVER
                                                                                        OWENS SILVER FEATHER MISS                       SILVER
                                                      ANGELIC ECCO STREAM O' SILVER                      SILVER
                                                                                        INDIAN MTN'S SILVER STRIKE                     SILVER
                                                                       QUICK SILVER SASSALOT                              SILVER
                                                                                        CURD'S MARKETTA WHITNEY                        SILVER
                    SHAMMY EBONY KNIGHT LANCELOT PR04673602 BLK
                                                                                        ROCHARS FROSTY  SILVER RUFF    PC163362   
                                                                       SHAMMYS SILVER RAFAEL  PP23952101  SILVER
                                                                                        SHAMMY'S PIXIE DOODLE LADY PC163908  BLUE
                                                      SHAMMYS WHOSIE WHAT   PP34550801  BLUE
                                                                                        ARDYNAS GAY BARNABY FUDGE             SIL BEIGE
                                                                       ARDYNAS GAY MINK DIFFERENCE  PC018183  SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                        ARDYNAS MORNING GLORY
                                     SHAMMY CHANTILLYS DESTINY  PP54849501
                                                                                        BALIWICK IN BRONZE                                 BROWN
                                                                       SHAMMYS TEDDY BRONZE WICK                      BROWN
                                                                                        SHAMMYS PRISSY PRISCELLA                     BLACK
                                                      SHAMMYS CHANTILLY PP32888501   BLACK
                                                                                        CH. AIZBEL THE HEIR APPARENT                    BLACK
                                                                       REGALIA DESIRADA                                               BLACK
                                                                                        TIERA EVIL DABU                    BLACK
                                                                                        ROCHARS FROSTY SILVER RUFF                  SILVER
                                                                       SHAMMYS SILVER RAFAEL                              SILVER
                                                                                        SHAMMY'S PIXIE DOODLE LADY      BLACK
                                                      SHAMMY'S COTTON PUFF PP47891201 APRICOT
                                                                                        ARDYNAS GAY SIMON SAYS                    APRICOT
                                                                       ARDYNAS SHAMMY POUCHE                   APRICOT
                                                                                        ARDYNAS GAY TIGERLILY                         APRICOT
                                     SHAMMYS LAZER LIGHT
                                                                                        CAN CH FORTEENTON MAJIC POLAR BEAR   (TP)
                                                                       AM CAN CH FORTEENTON REMINGTON STEELE
                                                                                        SAUCY OH SUSANNA  (TP)
                                                      KAIT'S KISS          PP54682401     (WHITE)
                                                                                        AM CH. STARDUST SECOND CHANCE  
                                                                       STARDUST WISH UPON A STAR                PP34939701
                                                                                        EVAN SUNDANCE SONATA
                                                                                        HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY PP39796603 SIL
                                                                       IVON ROYALE SNO DANCIN CLOWN                 WHITE
                                                                                        MISS TRISS DEVA MARIE PP33910101 BLACK
                                                      LANCELOTS ELMO FOR GAYLON               PHANTOM
                                                                                        HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY                  SILVER
                                                                       ANGELIC ECCO STREAM O' SILVER                      SILVER
                                                                                        QUICK SILVER SASSALOT                              SILVER
                                     SHAMMYS TIDDLY WINKS PR0800302   BLUE
                                                                                        CH. MARELCO'S SILVER SAMBAM SILVER
                                                                       DEMITASSE SILVER MICA            SILVER
                                                                                        BLUET APRIL IN PARIS II
                                                      LECHEMINANT SILVER SABRINA            SILVER
                                                                                        D'OR WHITE TIE AFFAIR PP47765105 BLACK
                                                                       LECHEMINANTS KINDA KOSTLY
                                                                                        WILLIAMS BLACK WINDIE PP27582801 BLACK