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     "your Lil' Angel Awaits"
     Holly & Tim Stahly
     303 south Ross Maddox roadPearcy, Arkansas 71964

                                                                                           JOBER'S RED RAIDER PB674598 RED
                                                                         HICKORY GROVE'S LIL' RED MAN PB925552  RED
                                                                                           HICKORY GROVE'S HEATHER PB747527 RED
                                                       BORDELON'S WEE PETOIS' PC121219 APRICOT
                                                                                           BORDELON'S LITTLE RED BLAZE PB713097 RED
                                                                         VELVET TOUCH RED PRANCER PC047688 RED
                                                                                           JAN'S RED CANDY CANE CUTIE PB770675 RED
                                     RUSTYS RAMBLING MAN PP41024702              RED
                                                                                           HUNT'S RED SPARKLE N' SHINE PB403879 RED
                                                                         PAUL'S MAGNUM RED PEPPER PB927130 RED
                                                                                           SHIRLEY'S SASSY PEACHES PB721590 APRICOT
                                                       MILLIES LADOUX FIFI PC141889 APRICOT
                                                                                           FOLSOM'S TINY TIM PB771160 SILVER
                                                                         SHIRLEY'S DESIRE' PB983001 CREAM
                                                                                           LITTLE LIZZY PB286601 WHITE
                   COPPER DALE PP62205005 RED WITH WHITE MARKINGS
                                                                                           CHEWEY EARL JAMES PP25217703 APRICOT
                                                                         LITTLE BIT O' BLACK MAGIC PP35870302 BLACK DNA#V183603
                                                                                           PRISSY ANNE JAMES PC184217 SILVER
                                                       THEODORA TEDDY BOY PP45493502  APRICOT
                                                                                           LITTLE BIT O' BLACK MAGIC PP35870302 BLACK DNA#V183603
                                                                         BRANDANA PP40381501 WHITE
                                                                                           NANCY'S FANTASIA PP37431301 WHITE
                                     CRICKET'S IT'LL DO PP55431501       BLACK & WHITE
                                                                                           ALLIE'S TRACK STAR PB935991 BLACK
                                                                         JEFFERY TEDDY BEAR PP33757501 APRICOT
                                                                                           KASPAR'S CHANCY FLICA PP24365502 WHITE
                                                       CASSANDRA MENGAY-PYE PP42414101  BLACK
                                                                                           JAN'S PEPPER SAM PP29241405 BLACK
                                                                         ORETTA MAE PP34251301 BLACK
                                                                                           JAN'S BABBETTE PP24385002 CREAM
                                                                                           FLOR DE MELBAS BLACK KO PB967510 BLACK
                                                                         SANDY'S BLACK BO-BO BABY CAKE PP44142701 BLACK
                                                                                           CHER'S NOVEMBER PILGRIM PC133522 CREAM
                                                       DIAMOND W'S TINY COSBY PP51249101 BLACK DNA#V72650
                                                                                           ELCAPITON ANDR'E JR
                                                                         SANDY'S TINY MI MI GEE GEE PP45213801 BLACK
                                                                                           SABLE'S TINY MI-MI PP34145903 SILVER
                                     FORESEE'S BUDDY PP62083901 BLACK WITH WHITE MARKINGS DNA#V200903
                                                                                           BUDDY HOLLY LEPHEW PP27234301 SILVER
                                                                         TIGER DO-LITTLE PP44489702 WHITE DNA#V99059
                                                                                           MISTY LA-DAWN PP37821603 BLACK
                                                       DOUBLE EAGLE'S BLONDIE PP50092303  CREAM
                                                                                           DONNIE'S SIR HOZO PC220773 CREAM
                                                                         MAMA'S MIRACLE MIDGET PP40129005 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                           WILS RUSTY GAL PP31535105 CREAM
                   BEVERALY DM PP66693704          BLACK & WHITE
                                                                                           SWEENEY'S RED CLAY PP23850502 RED
                                                                         LITTLE RED MAN VII PP33558903 RED
                                                                                           SWEENEYS S'TIL RED FROM TILLY PP22129201 RED
                                                       PARADISE'S PEPE PP51069702 WHITE DNA#V110562
                                                                                           SMOKY SHADOW VII PP41393101 SILVER
                                                                         MORNING STAR MIST PP47811903 WHITE
                                                                                           SISSY MUFFET TUFFET PP31737203 CREAM
                                     FORESEE'S MISS PRISS PP61827902     APRICOT
                                                                                           TINY BLACK SAM PB817690 BLACK
                                                                         CHOCK MAN PP09201201 BROWN
                                                                                           SHAWNS BLACK LADY PB634559 BLACK
                                                       CHOCK THREE PP36902903 APRICOT
                                                                                           CASPERS LITTLE SKIPER PC115606 WHITE
                                                                         JEWEL ROSE GEN PP22562801 BLACK
                                                                                           JEWEL ROSE II PC152601 WHITE