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                                                                                                   CH SYNTIFNY JACABO ICE CAPER PB281276 WHITE
                                                                                JACABO'S WHITE TORNADO PB573379 WHITE
                                                                                                   JACABO'S WINTER MIST PB514970 WHITE
                                                             OWENS HIGH DOLLAR BILL PB790970 WHITE
                                                                                                   PEPE LEPEW COKER PA677073 WHITE
                                                                                ELFIE RACHEL COKER PB484560 WHITE
                                                                                                   TOY COKER PB263421 APRICOT
                                          OWENS HIGH DOLLARS MY GUY PP33023601 WHITE
                                                                                                   JACABO'S WHITE TORNADO
                                                                                OWENS HIGH DOLLAR BILL
                                                                                                   ELFIE RACHEL COKER
                                                             OWENS TINY POWDERPUFF PC249046 WHITE
                                                                                                   KINGS LUCKY PB617419 WHITE
                                                                                OWENS TINY CREAMPUFF PB857149 WHITE
                                                                                                   LEVALLEYS APRIL SUNSHINE PB685168 WHITE
                       HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY PP39796603 SILVER
                                                                                                   RED PUPPY POWER DE TUCKAWAY PB434155  RED
                                                                                HILLCREST'S DE-BEAU-MAR PB724559 RED
                                                                                                   HILLCREST'S DUCHES PB451048 APRICOT
                                                             HENSLEY RED BUTTON PC120747 RED
                                                                                                   TOYLANDS COPPER MINE PB293909 RED
                                                                                HILLCREST'S NAOMI PB607093 RED
                                                                                                   HILLCREST'S GOLDEN CHARITY PB499377 APCT
                                          OWENS SILVER FEATHER MISS PC240808 SILVER
                                                                                                   LUV-ME TINY TYKE PA454414 SILVER
                                                                                HILLCREST'S LITTLE FLASH PB219215 SILVER
                                                                                                   BONNIE JACKSON PB011518 SILVER
                                                             DUVALL'S HEATHER PB409948 SILVER
                                                                                                   BOYD'S BO JANGLES PA946074 WHITE
                                                                                HILLCREST'S MICHELLE PB118963 SILVER
                                                                                                   BOYD'S SILVER PENNY PA959921 SILVER
                                                                                                   LAKEYS CHEE CHEE DOODLE BUG PB123850 BRN
                                                                                DOODLE BUGS ANDRE PB857928 BROWN
                                                                                                   COCOA'S LITTLE MUFFIN PB664334 BROWN
                                                             MARK'S NIGGER FOO FOO BUG PB990462 BLACK
                                                                                                   CHARITY'S BEST STAR PB488979 BLACK
                                                                                HT'S LITTLE FRACO FRANCIE PB922090 BLACK
                                                                                                   MISSY BELLE NEWBY PB805236 BLACK
                                          BOSLEY THE GREAT PC099891 SILVER
                                                                                                   CH. SUNDOWN SASSAFRAS BOOTBLACK PA874778 BLK
                                                                                ROCKY REEF'S BLACK BRAT PB845711 BLACK
                                                                                                   ROCKY REEF'S TOOTSIE ROLL PB360130 BROWN
                                                             STEPHEN'S CARMEL BRAT PB933143 BROWN
                                                                                                   ROCKY REEF'S CHOCOLATE SUNDAE PB253946 BRN
                                                                                PRINCESS EBONY PEPPER PB405596 BLACK
                                                                                                   LE PETITE DIABLE PB065185 BLACK
                       MISS TRISS DEVA MARIE PP33910101 BLACK
                                                                                                   RUFF-N-ROWDY OF WIL-ROSE PA945308 BROWN
                                                                                WILKAMY'S ROWDY JACQUE PB423264 BLACK
                                                                                                   SUEIE BUXTON PB081402 WHITE
                                                             SIR PHYDEAUX STAPLETON PB648289 CREAM
                                                                                                   GURNEY'S GONZALE'S RED FOX PA838017 APRICOT
                                                                                PRINCESS PRICILLA IX PB423166 APRICOT
                                                                                                   PRINCESS MARIA XX PB081746 WHITE
                                          HOLLYWOOD SNUGGLES PC113395 WHITE
                                                                                                   SHARP'S RED ARABIAN MIA-MIA PB441022 RED
                                                                                RUDY JADE SQUIRRL OF ROSE PB803507 RED
                                                                                                   SHARP'S PRIMROSLANE BE BE PB431682 RED
                                                             VERA BLANCHE OF ROSE PB896040 WHITE
                                                                                                   PROVO'S DUSTY DAN PB317848 APRICOT
                                                                                BOOTSIE MOUSETTE OF ROSE PB594601 CREAM
                                                                                                   GLEEMA JOY OF RSE PB530850 APRICOT