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                                                                                        Shammys Whosie What, PP345508/01 01-94, Blue
                                                                       Shammys Streaker Suprise, PP479429/01 06-97, Silver Beige
                                                                                        Shammy's Tequila Sunrise, PP235312/02 05-94, Silver Beige
                                                      Shammys Barron Von Pillar, PP514873/02 09-01, Brn & Wht , DNA #V201866
                                                                                        Shammys Teddy Bronze Wick, PB879362 06-86, Brown
                                                                       Shammys Catapillar, PP314651/01 01-94, Silver Beige
                                                                                        A'Hall's Shimming Cordene, PB820660 09-85, Silver Beige
                                     Shammy Blue Zimmer, PP670737/01 05-04, Blue
                                                                                        Owens Sterling Silver J D, PC255551 04-91, Silver
                                                                       Windamer Boot Scooter Boogie, PP568318/01 04-00, Silver DNA #V63384
                                                                                        Daphne Doo Hendrix, PP456543/01 11-96, Brown
                                                      Gemini's Ginnie Silver Mist, PP611694/01 09-01, Silver
                                                                                        Owens Sterling Silver J D, PC255551 04-91, Silver
                                                                       Chambers' Silva Sadie, PP491590/03 03-98, Silver
                                                                                        Madam Buffles Silvers All, PC224911 02-91, Silver
                    Shammys Target, PR043759/01, Black & White Black Markings
                                                                                        Brutus Leroy Jude, PP521891/02 09-98, Blue & White
                                                                       Lisa's Peppy Pippy, PP557316/01 04-00, Apct Blk Points, DNA #V92974
                                                                                        Little Starbright Jude, PP514001/02 09-98, Silver Beige
                                                      Sir Dansby's Magical Mickey, PP625572/04 09-01, Silver Beige
                                                                                        Toto Travis Baby Boy, PP279117/08 09-92, Brown
                                                                       Daddy's Peacyhes N' Cream, PP405363/01 06-95, Apricot
                                                                                        Linda's Fantastic Fifi, PC054029 01-90, Black
                                     Dansby's Delilah V Shammy, PR009884/03 10-04, Apricot White Markings
                                                                                        Hazel's Bad Boy, PP497876/02 04-98, BROWN
                                                                       Sir Rowdy Corneilus Brown, PP595593/03 08-00, Brown
                                                                                        Hazels Maggi, PP417121/01 04-98, BLACK
                                                      Madam Dansbys Magical Minnie, PP619983/03 09-01, Silver
                                                                                        Tiny Waldridge, PP411066/02 02-96, Black
                                                                       Madam Matilda Louise Brown, PP466438/02 08-00, Cream
                                                                                        Madam Francheska Fi Fi Rakes, PP334759/04 04-94, Silver
                                                                                        LAROYAL SUNNY DELIGHT PB944083 APRICOT
                                                                       BLACKY TARE BABY PP52387002 BLACK
                                                                                        INKY'S DEE'DEE  PP26856604            BLACK
                                                      SHARON ADLIN BOY PP57801307  BROWN
                                                                                        JOGE'S FRISCO GENTLEMAN PP37757601  APRICOT
                                                                       KATIE'S NERF ANGEL PP42925201
                                                                                        JOGE'S GINGER BREAD COOKIE PP33406801
                                     SHAMMYS PEANUCKLE PP62851801   WHITE ,BLACK MARKINGS
                                                                                        COX'S LITTLE HOT SHOT PB907885              APRICOT
                                                                       JAGUAR LITTLE ELK PP30594402 CREAM
                                                                                        BROWN'S LADY ELLE PP17804201        BLACK
                                                      HAMILTON'S TEDDY BEAR PP54235101 APRICOT
                                                                                        LINDA'S RED ROSY MELLIN PB770691  RED
                                                                       CHRISTINA RED LITTLE SUSSIE  PP35522303  RED
                                                                                        LINDA'S RED CHERRY BRANDY PC032781  RED
                                                                                        JK'S BROWN SNICKER DOODLE PB466811 BROWN
                                                                       T AND A'S ALFEE DOODLE PB963526 BROWN
                                                                                        CAR-LOU'S LILYBELLE PB437683 BROWN
                                                      SMITH'S SOUTHERN HOSS  PP37014102 BLACK & WHITE DNA#V186417
                                                                                        ALMA' PEPPY POODLE PC002957 BLACK
                                                                       BOLLING'S PEACHES AND CREAM PP29642605 APRICOT
                                                                                        ALMA'S JEANNIE PC019939 CREAM & WHITE PARTI
                                     QUEEN'S PAISLEY PARTY GIRL PP62666206 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                        SKEETER BYRD PP18428701 WHITE
                                                                       DYLAN HARMON PP378791 APRICOT
                                                                                        MARY JANE BYRD PP26248405 RED
                                                      DOT'S MAGGIE FAYE PP58127202 WHITE WITH BLACK MARKINGS
                                                                                   CAMELOTS ROYAL DREAM MCKENRY PP47075801 WH DNA#VI04136
                                                                       LITTLE BLACK BABY VI PP51132403 BLACK
                                                                                        LESHA'S BEAUTY GIRL  PP47929004 BLACK