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                                                                                            MARTINS WINTER RUSTY RED PB996083 RED & APCT
                                                                          HALLECK'S RED APPLEDUMPLIN PC125551 RED
                                                                                            MARTIN'S RED APPLEONIA PB920629 RED
                                                        RUSTY RED APPLDUMPLIN PP26378503 RED
                                                                                            SHERFAMES DIGGER RED FLEUR PB429839 RED
                                                                          LOVELY RED PANSY PB875184 RED
                                                                                            AYE'S LOVELY DOLLY PB742052 APRICOT
                                      MY LITTLE RED RASCAL PP34028902 RED
                                                                                            PEARLS RED TOPPER PB540200 RED
                                                                          OUIDA'S RED TOPPER PC100031 RED
                                                                                            PEARLS SASSAFRAS PB692814 APRICOT
                                                        JASMINE RED TOPPER PP26847803 RED
                                                                                            OUIDA'S RED TOPPER PC100031 RED
                                                                          OUIDA'S PADDI FOOT TEXAS RED PC243176 RED
                                                                                            OUIDA'S RED TEXAS TYCE PC143924 RED
                    LITTLE JIMMI JAM-JAM BOY PP40285402 RED TINY TOY
                                                                                            ROCKY REEF'S CHAMOIS SHINE RED PB141300 RED
                                                                          RED SPIRAL OF OUNCE O'BOUNCE PB473017 RED
                                                                                            FLEUR-JEAN ROCKY REEF'S GLORY PB296370 RED
                                                        VANCE'S DUKE OF OUNCE O' BOUNCE PB706574 BLACK
                                                                                            DURHAMS PRINCE CHARMING PB0007066 APRICOT
                                                                          BATES ANGEL PB368851 SILVER
                                                                                            DURHAM'S TUMBLENA PA374700 SILVER
                                      WILLOW-POOL'S DIAMOND PP33237503 BLACK TINY TOY
                                                                                            SHARP'S RED CRIMSON KID PB161911 RED
                                                                          CRIMSON BOY PB984004 RED
                                                                                            FLEMINGS FLAMING SASSY APRICOT
                                                        PEGGY ANAN W PC044967 BROWN
                                                                                            BABY'S LAST CHANCE RUSTY PB580442 APRICOT
                                                                          KA-TRENIA PB947600 APRICOT
                                                                                            LILLARD CLASSIE PERSIMMIONS PB589254 APRICOT PRECIOUS LIL' LAMMY KINS PP61638302  CREAM PARTIFACTORED
                                                                                            Jacabo's White Tornado, PB573379 12-83, White
                                                                          Owens High Dollar Bill, PB790970 02-86, White
                                                                                            Elfie Rachel Coker, PB484560 07-82, White
                                                        Owens High Dollars My Guy, PP330236/01 03-94, White
                                                                                            Owens High Dollar Bill, PB790970 02-86, White
                                                                          Owens Tiny Powderpuff, PC249046 10-90, White
                                                                                            Owens Tiny Creampuff, PB857149 09-86, White
                                      Holman's Royal Rowdy Randy, PP397966/03 12-95, Silver
                                                                                            Hillcrest's De-Beau-Mar, PB724559 12-84, Red
                                                                          Hensleys Red Button, PC120747 06-89, Red
                                                                                            Hillcrest's Naomi, PB607093 12-83, Red
                                                        Owens Silver Feather Miss, PC240808 06-91, Silver
                                                                                            Hillcrest's Little Flash, PB219215 01-80, Silver
                                                                          Duvall's Heather, PB409948 01-84, Silver
                                                                                            Hillcrest's Michelle, PB118963 12-78, Silver
                                                                                            Maurice Jean Claude, PB719196 10-86, White
                                                                          Little Grey Dude, PC205623 03-90, Silver
                                                                                            Mistrals Mimi, PB790516 05-86, Silver
                                                        Lamonts Imperial Brey Dude, PP214983/01 11-91, Black & White
                                                                                            Smokey Little Pierre, PB628988 02-85, Cream
                                                                          Natasha Magre', PB923323 04-87, Silver
                                                                                            Mademoiselle Jacqueline XVIII, PB719197 02-85, Silver
                                      Misstriss Painted Parti Doll, PP463730/03 03-98, Black & White Black Mask
                                                                                            Little Charley's Prince, PB426186 07-81, White
                                                                          Lamonts Imperial Prince, PC176873 10-89, White
                                                                                            Steele's Lil Prissy, PB457153 02-82, , White
                                                        Lamonts Imperial Teka, PC256581 11-90, Cream
                                                                                            Cass III, PB387766 12-80, White
                                                                          Lamonts Cassie Ann, PC121621 02-89, White
                                                                                            Lamont's Cricket Ann, PB807452 06-85, White