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                                                                                                  KAY'S LITTLE DUKE PB884849 WHITE
                                                                               MR KAY PC263057 SILVER
                                                                                                  KAY'S PEBBLES OF SYNTIRNY PC063101 WHT
                                                            LUGIES SPIT WAD PP33688401 WHITE
                                                                                                 CH BELLVIEW'S GOING BIG TIME PB557967WHT
                                                                               LAMOUR MISS HANNA JS PB915498 WHITE
                                                                                                  WY DO MAR SARA BETH PB430276 WHITE
                                         PEPPIE OF BT PP48239803 CREAM
                                                                                                  BARNETT'S ROCKY PB664921 BLACK
                                                                               QUINCY CARUSO PC229824 BLACK
                                                                                                  JACQUES BLACK SATIN BABY PB752931 BLACK
                                                            BUFFEY BETTY BOOP PP35261906 SILVER
                                                                                                  QUINCY CARUSO
                                                                               LUGIES BETTY BOOP PP31174602 BLACK
                                                                                                  DUCHESS CHOCOLATE PP09094501 SILBEIGE
                      SCARLET RED ROBIN SUNSET PP54174503 APRICOT DNA#V101113
                                                                                                  CHATTOWN'S TROUBLE PC046593 RED
                                                                               RED RIPE AND READY 'N JAWJA PC268877 RED
                                                                                                  AMBER'S RED FLAME MAIDEN PB803087 RED
                                                            LTO RED READY PP29817602 RED
                                                                                                  RICHBURG'S STOP THE MUSIC PB887808 RED
                                                                               CAROLE'S LIL RED HOT MAMA PC185783 RED
                                                                                                  BIRDLAND'S LIL RED CRICKET PB830529 RED
                                         LTO DELORIS KAY PP46911004 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                       CH DESERT STARS ARIZONA COWBOYPB779533 BLK
                                                                               COWBOY BROWN JS PB982893 BROWN
                                                                                                  AN-RI'S TRUE STYLE DELITE PB786994 BROWN
                                                            LTO BROWN BO PP40683905 BROWN
                                                                                                  C M'S MR BO JANGLES PB742923 RED
                                                                               LTO BO PEEP PC082507 APRICOT
                                                                                                  LTO PINK PEACH BRANDY PB940443 WHITE ITZI BITZI TIPPI-TOE DANCER PP67045702 WHITE & APRICOT PARTI
                                                                                                  RED MATE MCCOY PC156152 RED
                                                                               JAY VON TAYLOR PC238767 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                            GRACIE J VON DRACHENFELS PB888446 BLK WHT
                                                            WEAVER'S STERLING SILVER II PP45401001 SILVER
                                                                                                  RED RUSTY MARTIN PC245106 APRICOT
                                                                               BETH MY LAY PP38607902 SILVER
                                                                                                  GENNIE'S MARY SUE PC103006 WHITE
                                         IRENE'S SILVER UGO PP51407704 SILVER
                                                                                                  SPUNKY LAMAR PP23170301 WHITE
                                                                               LAMAR'S VAN ARK PP32549305 BLUE
                                                                                                  TERRA HAZEL LADY PP26097803 SILVER
                                                            SHEKINAH'S MISTY PP43766103 SILVER
                                                                                                  JAY VON TAYLOR PC238767 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                               PAMELA KAY PP30147401 BROWN & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                  BEAL'S DANDY PC135881 APRICOT
                      ELVA TRIXIE ROTH PP56751001 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                  GOOD BOY NESSET PB580107 WHITE
                                                                               SAR ROE JEM PC130103 WHTIE
                                                                                                  ROXX ANN PB785336 WHITE
                                                            IRENE'S GRANVILLE ELVIS PP24756601 WHITE
                                                                                                  PRINCE FERNANDO PB418669 BLACK
                                                                               DARLA'S VICTORIA PC003993 WHITE
                                                                                                  DARLA GIRL PB785338 APRICOT
                                         EARNEST'S KRISTY PP40027802 WHITE
                                                                                                  ROYALTY'S WHITE KNIGHT PB284735 WHITE
                                                                               K PHIL TINKER BELL PB412080 WHITE
                                                                                                  JOHNSON'S JAUNTY JOLEIEN PA778570 APCT
                                                            IRENE'S MEADOWBROOK TRIXIE PC185126 CREAM
                                                                                                  CHICO TWO PB597623 WHITE
                                                                               CORKY OF HIGHLAND HILLS PC096616 CREAM
                                                                                                  OETUNIA TWO PB597624 APRICOT