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                                                                                              MELBA'S BROWN CANDYMAN PB429496 BRN
                                                                                REMINGTON T PB657162 BLACK
                                                                                        MELBA'S SOMETHING ELSE PB495428 CAFE AU LAIT
                                                             MAJESTIC SAM PC074062 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                   REMINGTOM T PB657162 BLACK
                                                                                BARONESS VON BRANDYWINE PB909056 CAFE' AU LAIT
                                                                                                   CINDY GIRL XXXII WHITE & SILVER PARTI
                                          NATALIE'S JETS AFLAME PP44574701 BROWN & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                   REMINGTON T
                                                                                MAJESTIC SAM PC074062 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                   BARONESS VON BRANDYWINE
                                                             LADY MISSY LOVE OF PARIS PP38607602 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                   REMINGTON T
                                                                                VELVET LACE PC074061 BLACK
                                                                                                BARONESS VON BRANDYWINE
                       XANDER CAGE SO COOL HEZZ HOT PP67045801 RED & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                 DEMETRIE ANTON MOUNTIGUE PB975872 RED
                                                                                JACQUE LOUIS DE SONTO PC099496 RED
                                                                                                   MINUET WINWOOD'S MISS PB993641 BLACK
                                                             CHUCKIE ROBERTS PP37441701 BLACK
                                                                                                   AYES BLACK BILLY JOE PB579566 BLACK
                                                                                FOUR ACRE BLUE-BERRY PC157419 BLACK
                                                                                                   FOUR ACRE BROWN SHEA PB766409 BROWN
                                          MISS EBONY BOE HARMONY PP51187102 BLACK
                                                                                             FOUR ACRE CHAMPAGNE BUBBLE PB822599 BRN
                                                                                MIGHTY TOBIAS PC079639 APRICOT
                                                                                                   POPCORN MANDIE PB935781 APRICOT
                                                             TAMMIE LANAY PP31904102 SILVER
                                                                                                   LORRI DEL'S MICCIHE PB160971 BLUE
                                                                                PRINCESS MITZI PARKS PB724579 SILVER
                                                                                                   DUTCHESS MIMI DIXON PB363671 BROWN
                                                                                                HALLECK'S RED APPLEDUMPLIN PC125551 RED
                                                                                RUSTY RED APPLDUMPLIN PP26378503 RED
                                                                                                   LOVELY RED PANSY PB875184 RED
                                                             MY LITTLE RED RASCAL PP34028902 RED
                                                                                                   OUIDA'S RED TOPPER PC100031 RED
                                                                                JASMINE RED TOPPER PP26847803 RED
                                                                                                OUIDA'S PADDI FOOT TEXAS RED PC243176 RED
                                          LITTLE JIMMI JAM-JAM BOY PP40285402 RED TINY TOY
                                                                                            RED SPIRAL OF OUNCE O'BOUNCE PB473017 RED
                                                                                VANCE'S DUKE OF OUNCE O' BOUNCE PB706574 BLACK
                                                                                                   BATES ANGEL PB368851 SILVER
                                                             WILLOW-POOL'S DIAMOND PP33237503 BLACK TINY TOY
                                                                                                   CRIMSON BOY PB984004 RED
                                                                                PEGGY ANAN W PC044967 BROWN
                                                                                                   KA-TRENIA PB947600 APRICOT
                                                                                                   Owens High Dollar Bill, PB790970 02-86, White
                                                                                Owens High Dollars My Guy, PP330236/01 03-94, White
                                                                                                   Owens Tiny Powderpuff, PC249046 10-90, White
                                                             Holman's Royal Rowdy Randy, PP397966/03 12-95, Silver
                                                                                                   Hensleys Red Button, PC120747 06-89, Red
                                                                                Owens Silver Feather Miss, PC240808 06-91, Silver
                                                                                                   Duvall's Heather, PB409948 01-84, Silver
                                          MISSTRISS PAINTED CUPIE DOLL PP55817803 CREAM & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                   Little Grey Dude, PC205623 03-90, Silver
                                                                                Lamonts Imperial Brey Dude, PP214983/01 11-91, Blk & Wht
                                                                                                   Natasha Magre', PB923323 04-87, Silver
                                                             Misstriss Painted Parti Doll, PP463730/03 03-98, Blk & Wht Blk Mask
                                                                                                   Lamonts Imperial Prince, PC176873 10-89, White
                                                                                Lamonts Imperial Teka, PC256581 11-90, Cream
                                                                                                   Lamonts Cassie Ann, PC121621 02-89, White