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                                                                                                  SOUTHAMPTON KISS'N TELL PC195827 BRW
                                                                               CH SOUTHAMPTON ABLE TO SUCCEED PP24257102
                                                                                                  PENDRAGON PLUM PRETTY PB833073 BRW
                                                            CH SOUTHHAMPTON CLASSIC GAMBLER PP30005301
                                                                                         SOUTHAMPTON DEAR T'MY HEART PC082162 BLK
                                                                               CH SOUTHHAMPTON BALI-HI TOJOUR PC195828 BLK
                                                                                   CH SOUTHAMPTON ESPIRIT D'AMOUR PB961957 BLK
                                         CH CLASSIC BOOTS AND JEANS PP38546205 BROWN
                                                                                          DEEJON'S MARCEL OF AMBROSIA PB750755 BWN
                                                                               CH GLO-MAR'S RIKKI RACOCO PC008124 BROWN
                                                                                               MONTEC PRISCILLA O'GLO-MAR PB784328 BLK
                                                            CLASSIC ABSOLUTELY MAGIC PP3195401 BROWN
                                                                                                  JO-AI'S SHABU O'GEO PB741273 BROWN
                                                                               TOUCH OF CLASS MOVIN ON PC221763 BROWN
                                                                                                  FLEUR-JEAN LONDEN LADY PB387734 BLK
                      CALLIMONT'S TOTAL COWBOY PP58908401 BROWN
                                                                                                  CH MONTEC MACGILLIVRAY PB495946 BLACK
                                                                               CH MONTEC MACINTOSH PB889569 BLACK
                                                                                                  MONTEC MERRY LOU PB582738 BLACK
                                                            ELK CREEK MAHOGANY MISTER PP34841701 BROWN
                                                                                                  DELORCH PICCOLO DIAVOLO PC105985 BLK
                                                                               ELK CREEK'S PICCOLO PANDORA PP29166101 BROWN
                                                                                                  DE-LORCH MS PANDORA PC142943 BLK
                                         CALLIMONT'S TOTALLY HONEST PP50460302 BROWN
                                                                                  CH SOUTHAMPTON ACE IN SPADES PC142722 BLK
                                                                               CH CHEZDORAL GRAND SLAM II PP32429601 BLK
                                                                                     CHEZDORAL KELLY GIRL PC193323 BLACK
                                                            CARILYN'S CALLIMONT ETERNAL PP44529702 BROWN
                                                                             CH MARTINIQUE CARILYN NITEWATCH PC213527 BLK
                                                                               CH CARILYN'S PADDYWAK PP32222203 BROWN
                                                                                    CH HOB NOB N CARILYN CASSANDRA PC169965 BLK HEAVENLY DOUBLE D COCOA BAMBI PR07202501 BROWN
                                                                                                  ROUST A BOUT II OF CKS PP15053001 WHITE
                                                                               MUFF MUFF POOR PP27331801 CREAM
                                                                                                  HEATHER GIRL OF CKS PP21982102 WHITE
                                                            CORKIE DEAN ASHBROOK PP32488501 APRICOT
                                                                                                 EMILE PIERRE SWAN PC018136 BLACK & WHT
                                                                               PHATOM POORE FANCY PP28168204 BLACK/BROWN
                                                                                                  JR'S PHANNY OLA FROM ARK PC182844 BLK
                                         HENDRIX LANCEALOT SIR BAM PP49259802 BROWN
                                                                                                 CH SPRINGETT PEVENSEY BAY PB828478 BLK
                                                                               CH SPOT'S BLACK LEGACY PP26281202 BLACK
                                                                                               JAWAAL KALINA PC126407 BROWN
                                                            DAPHNE DOO HENDRIX PP45654301 BROWN
                                                                                          SPRINGETT NORWEIGAN WOOD PP31727104 BRW
                                                                               EM'S TANGEE WOOD PP42362201 BLACK
                                                                                            EM'S BERTHA BOOTH PP36453801 BLACK
                      HWT'S MYSTIC MIKALA MONET PR00297301 BLACK
                                                                                         ROCHARS FROSTY SILVER RUFF PC163362 SIL
                                                                               SHAMMYS SILVER RAFAEL PP23952101 SILVER
                                                                                                SHAMMY'S PIXIE DOODLE LADY PC163908 BLK
                                                            SHAMMYS COTTON PUFF PP47891201 APRICOT
                                                                                                  ARDYNAS GAY SIMON SAYS PC211468 APRCT
                                                                               ARDYNAS SHAMMYS POUCHE PP23399001 APRICOT
                                                                                                  ARDYNAS GAY TIGERLILY PB750733 APRICOT
                                         SHAMMY MYSTIC CANDLEWICK PP52528504 BLACK
                                                                                            BALIWICK IN BRONZE PB683476 BROWN
                                                                               SHAMMY'S TEDDY BRONZE WICK PB879362 BROWN
                                                                                          SHAMMYS PRISSY PRISCILLA PB738273 BLK
                                                            SHAMMY'S TEQUILA SUNRISE PP23531202 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                     SHAMMY'S CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PB624807 SIL/ BG
                                                                               SHAMMY KAHLUA COFFEE PB813843 BROWN
                                                                                                  SHAYNES MEE KEE PB068870 BROWN