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                                                                                                        MR KAY PC263057 SILVER
                                                                                    LUGIES SPIT WAD PP33688401 WHITE
                                                                                                        LAMOUR MISS HANNA JS PB915498 WH
                                                                PEPPIE OF BT PP48239803 CREAM
                                                                                                        QUINCY CARUSO PC229824 BLACK
                                                                                    BUFFEY BETTY BOOP PP35261906 SILVER
                                                                                                        LUGIES BETTY BOOP PP31174602 BLACK
                                            SCARLET RED ROBIN SUNSET PP54174503 APRICOT DNA#V101113
                                                                                                   RED RIPE AND READY 'N JAWJA PC268877 RED
                                                                                    LTO RED READY PP29817602 RED
                                                                                                    CAROLE'S LIL RED HOT MAMA PC185783 RED
                                                                LTO DELORIS KAY PP46911004 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                                        COWBOY BROWN JS PB982893 BROWN
                                                                                    LTO BROWN BO PP40683905 BROWN
                                                                                                        LTO BO PEEP PC082507 APRICOT
                        DANCIN NEW DAWN SPIRIT DOG PP67045701 WHITE & APRICOT PARTI
                                                                                                        JAY VON TAYLOR PC238767 SILVER BEIGE
                                                                                    WEAVER'S STERLING SILVER II PP45401001 SILVER
                                                                                                        BETH MY LAY PP38607902 SILVER
                                                                IRENE'S SILVER UGO PP51407704 SILVER
                                                                                                        LAMAR'S VAN ARK PP32549305 BLUE
                                                                                    SHEKINAH'S MISTY PP43766103 SILVER
                                                                                                      PAMELA KAY PP30147401 BRWN & WHT PARTI
                                            ELVA TRIXIE ROTH PP56751001 BLACK & WHITE PARTI
                                                                                                        SAR ROE JEM PC130103 WHTIE
                                                                                    IRENE'S GRANVILLE ELVIS PP24756601 WHITE
                                                                                                        DARLA'S VICTORIA PC003993 WHITE
                                                                EARNEST'S KRISTY PP40027802 WHITE
                                                                                                        K PHIL TINKER BELL PB412080 WHITE
                                                                                    IRENE'S MEADOWBROOK TRIXIE PC185126 CREAM
                                                                                                    CORKY OF HIGHLAND HILLS PC096616 CREAM
                                                                                                      JACABO'S WHITE TORNADO PB573379 WHITE
                                                                                    OWENS HIGH DOLLAR BILL PB790970 WHITE
                                                                                                        ELFIE RACHEL COKER PB484560 WHITE
                                                                OWENS HIGH DOLLARS MY GUY PP33023601 WHITE
                                                                                                        OWENS HIGH DOLLAR BILL
                                                                                    OWENS TINY POWDERPUFF PC249046 WHITE
                                                                                                        OWENS TINY CREAMPUFF PB857149 WHITE
                                            HOLMAN'S ROYAL ROWDY RANDY PP39796603 SILVER
                                                                                                        HILLCREST'S DE-BEAU-MAR PB724559 RED
                                                                                    HENSLEY RED BUTTON PC120747 RED
                                                                                                        HILLCREST'S NAOMI PB607093 RED
                                                                OWENS SILVER FEATHER MISS PC240808 SILVER
                                                                                                    HILLCREST'S LITTLE FLASH PB219215 SILVER
                                                                                    DUVALL'S HEATHER PB409948 SILVER
                                                                                                        HILLCREST'S MICHELLE PB118963 SILVER
                        MEME MIDNIGHT MAGIC CERENADE PP54115006 BLUE
                                                                                                        DOODLE BUGS ANDRE PB857928 BROWN
                                                                                    MARK'S NIGER FOO FOO BUG PB990462 BLACK
                                                                                                        HT'S LITTLE FRACO FRANCIE PB922090 BLK
                                                                BOSLEY THE GREAT PC099891 SILVER
                                                                                                        ROCKY REEF'S BLACK BRAT PB845711 BLK
                                                                                    STEPHEN'S CARMEL BRAT PB933143 BROWN
                                                                                                        PRINCESS EBONY PEPPER PB405596 BLK
                                            MISS TRISS DEVA MARIE PP33910101 BLACK
                                                                                                        WILKAMY'S ROWDY JACQUE PB423264 BLK
                                                                                    SIR PHYDEAUX STAPLETON PB648289 CREAM
                                                                                                        PRINCESS PRICILLA IX PB423166 APRICOT
                                                                HOLLYWOOD SNUGGLES PC113395 WHITE
                                                                                                     RUDY JADE SQUIRRL OF ROSE PB803507 RED
                                                                                    VERA BLANCHE OF ROSE PB896040 WHITE
                                                                                                     BOOTSIE MOUSETTE OF ROSE PB594601 CRM